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Daniel Radcliffe NOT Engaged, Rep Says.


Daniel Radcliffe is engaged? Fans of “Harry Potter” were driven into a frenzy when new reports surfaced that the actor was engaged and ready to marry his long time girlfriend. Fans should have checked the source first though, because Star Magazine is where the reports first popped up.

Is Daniel Radcliffe really ready to walk down the aisle? Not just yet, according to Perez Hilton on May 8. A representative for the actor quickly denied the report that the former Harry Potter is ready to marry Erin Darke. The couple has been dating since October 2012. The reports said that Daniel had popped the question, and they would marry in 2015. The reports even said that Emma Watson, his co-star in the “Harry Potter” films, was attending the ceremony.

However, Daniel and Emma rarely speak anymore. The two spent 10 years together filming the series of “Harry Potter” films together, but Perez Hilton reports that Daniel revealed in a recent interview that he and Emma are rarely in contact. They are “excited about meeting new people.” That is understandable. Working with someone for 10 years is not easy.

In a case like that, co-stars become more like family, and you don’t talk to your family much either at time, right? If Daniel was really getting married, it is likely Emma and his other “Harry Potter” co-stars would be invited to the big wedding ceremony, but he is not rushing to get married just yet. That could change, but for now he is not engaged.

Could he be too busy with his other pursuits? Radcliffe is back on Broadway. He is currently starring in the title role of “The Cripple of Inishmaan” at the Cort Theater. The production opened in April, and he is playing the challenging role of a man in this play. His character is determined to get a role in a film being produced in his town, but he suffers from cerebral palsy. That is not stopping him from trying though.

Radcliffe was definitely up to the challenge though. He had starred in the same role when it was played out in London. The actor said the following about the challenge of taking on the role again for New York to Playbill: “It’s something that your body has to get used to, and builds up the strength to do. It’s something I was keen to get right. When I played it in London I had months to adjust, but this time it’s harder because I’ve been filming ‘Frankenstein’ right up to this week and my character is hunchback. So, different physical challenges, but both characters are similarly abused.”

This production will continue to run at the Cort Theater through mid-June. With Radcliffe busy with both film and stage roles, he might not have the time to focus on a marriage right now. Radcliffe has made it clear that he “didn’t want to be famous.” However, he is just that. He is definitely famous enough to cause fans to go into a frenzy when a report like this pops up.